About Us

Business Handshake Corporate Meeting City Contrast is a dedicated team of seasoned manufacturing engineers and tooling experts. Our goal is to provide world class engineering solutions to designers and manufacturers of plastic injection molded products. We accomplish this by applying the manufacturing principles and expertise to your designs that have largely been lost in North America through attrition of the global economy.
Contrast is a new company formed in 2014 as an LLC, and they are located in West Michigan. The concept for Contrast arose from the vision of its two founders, who through their respective roles in the manufacturing industry have seen the high rate of erosion concerning the knowledge base of the industry. Process steps that are required to design a product from design conception to market launch are often being short changed or over looked altogether. Specifically, the erosion of the application of physics to the engineering of plastic injection molded products are being shorted. These areas include tooling, molding, assembly, and decoration processes which are all downstream processes from the product design itself.
Our founder’s collective experience spans thirty three years in the manufacturing industry. This covers all facets from product conception, to production management. Contrast’s broad background gives us the ability to help our customers create quality products by being at their side through the entire product life cycle. The fundamental skills that our team have complement each other well in the plastics industry. These skills include:

-Product feasibility for tooling readiness
-Journeyman injection mold making
-Injection mold design
-Plastics process engineering
-Assembly equipment design
-Assembly equipment manufacturing
-Plastics decoration process