Gating & Moldflow Line Up

Four business people sitting around a table and having a business meeting, high angle viewMany people do not understand Moldflow or the tremendous savings it creates. This lack of understanding often leads to sticker shock, and it sometimes leads to the decision to use Moldflow in a limited capacity or not at all. Ironically, often times the lack of understanding Moldflow and what it can provide may drive the cost up and the value down.
Contrast can help get your design team and Moldflow supplier lined up correctly with gating strategies. We will also help you interpret the results and what they mean in relation to your part design. In our years of experience we have seen too many companies misapply Moldflow results. The true results should be used to create a better gating strategy. An injection mold is only as good as the parts that can be produced by the process applied to it. Therefore, you cannot afford to cut steel without knowing that you have solid predictions for a robust process.
Contrast’s approach will set your product team up for success and get the most out of your Moldflow iterations. This in turn leads to a quality process and a superior part to bring to market. We will save you money on your Moldflow costs by using our experienced insights on tooling, Moldflow, and processing experience. We will supply you with documents outlining cavitation layouts, gating & runner strategies, fill speeds, manifold strategies. In addition, we will identify potential part design related molding issues (i.e. short shots, shear rate issues, gas traps) before paying the price to have your models evaluated by the Moldflow software, and a certified expert. We look forward to making this process seamless for you and your company.