Complete CAD Model Evaluations

Man Looking At A Computer MonitorAt Contrast, our specialty is making sure that your products can be effectively launched into production without issues caused by an inadequate part design. One of the primary ways we do this is by having our experienced team of engineers thoroughly analyze your CAD models. By doing this, we solve issues related to product design well in advance of the mold build or the validation process. For example, catching an issue in the steel rather than up front in the product design takes much more time and costs exponentially more to correct. We then save you time and money.
Our past experience has shown that the cost avoidance from proper trouble shooting is conservatively 7-10 times the cost of the activity itself. In addition, the in depth knowledge gained through this process allows our engineers to work with your tool shops and make sure that the most robust tooling designs are utilized.
1.) Innovative tooling solutions and concepts for today’s complex part designs, and thinning wall stock demands.
2.) Eliminating costly delays in timing once parts are released to have tools built.
3.) Protecting your manufacturing facilities from the risk of poor tooling concepts.
4.) Running each of your models through a 25 point check list, and modeling in all parting lines and actions eliminates issues in the tool design process caused by product design issues.