Injection Mold Design Reviews

Caliper technical drawingLike your competitors, you have invested a great deal of time and effort into creating your tool design standards. Unfortunately, also like your competitors, you have probably found that your standards are often not followed. As new suppliers are sourced for designing and building molds, it takes time to get them to understand your standards and execute them properly. It can be difficult to find the resources to thoroughly investigate the details of a mold design in order to make sure this happens.
Contrast can help solve this problem. Our experienced Tooling Engineers, Journeymen Tool Makers, and Mold Designers will evaluate your entire mold design to ensure that it was designed per your standards and specifications. Following the review, you will be provided with detailed reports and recommendations.
When sourcing new suppliers, decades of knowledge and experience are often lost in the process. This does not need to be the case. Less experienced suppliers can design and build satisfactory products. As long as they are given proper direction, and someone to help verify that it is done correctly, an excellent product can be produced. Our team of engineers has years of hands on experience in mold making, mold design, and processing. For a small fraction of what is costs to have a mold designed, we can put our team in place to verify all of your designs are done correctly.